Northern Lights Journeys

Anchorage Northern Lights Private-Custom Tours


Tour Highlights:

  • Our Alaskan Aurora Experts have a combined 70+ years of experience
  • Aurora Portraits and Photos included
  • Customized Aurora Consultation Advisory included
  • Several of our locations are exclusive to our guests only
  • Single-Night and Multi-Night custom Anchorage Northern Lights and Fairbanks Northern Lights itineraries


Tour Description:

Join us on an epic Anchorage Aurora chasing journey spanning up to Fairbanks!

Our Alaskan Aurora Experts have a combined 70+ years of experience to help you create the Private Northern Lights Journey.  Your private journey is customized around the Aurora forecast; we’ll travel to the most strategic location(s) for Northern Lights viewing. Several of our locations are exclusive to our guests only.

 Our Alaska Northern Lights Journeys are offered in Single-Day and Multi-Day custom itineraries; we help our guests build an incredible itinerary, accommodating their level of interest in seeing the Northern Lights.  We recommend our guests have about 2-3 nights of availability for Single-Night Journeys and 4+ nights of availability for Multi-Day Journeys.

Our Muti-Night Journeys enjoy a diversity of Winter Alaskan actives by day and Aurora chasing journeys by night.  We’ll ensure your itinerary accommodates a modified sleep schedule for your comfort!

Our Alaska Northern Lights Journeys are offered primarily during the most strategic times of each month; we favor chasing the Aurora when we have between 0%-70% moon illumination.

Single – Night Tours
Multi – Night Tours


Moon Phase & Northern Lights Viewing

The moon phase plays in a significant role in the ability to see the Northern Lights, at Wild Journeys we will reference these illumination settings before booking a  Northern Lights Journey. If we are looking at heading to Fairbanks we can work with a 70% illumination or less, if we are working in Anchorage we can work with a 50% or less illumination.



About Us:

Wild Journeys’ staff is a diverse team of year-round locals that have been guiding in Alaska throughout their professional careers.  Our passion is sharing authentic and unique Alaskan experiences with adventure seekers.  We introduce our quests to the real, wild grandeur of Alaska.

We are tourism professionals, outdoor operations specialists, hunting guides, school teachers, commercial fishermen, gold prospectors, contractors, photographers, Arctic carpenters, commercial drone pilots, land surveyors and freelancers.

We treat all our guests as if they were our own family visiting Alaska; our guides will take you to the very same places they would take their own family and friends.

Our Founder, Tim Cook, has been guiding Alaskan adventures for over 20 years.  Tim is the founder and owner of Wild Journeys, Alaska ATV Adventures and Arctic Air Expeditions.  His decades of experience working and living in rural Alaska inspired him to start a career in adventure tourism.  He began offering off the beaten path options to visitors that his family and locals enjoy.  He is most well-known for his world-class polar bear photography tours in the Alaskan high arctic polar region.