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You’ve just landed on the mainland of Alaska and are eager to journey into the heart of the last frontier. The adventurous spirit that drew so many pioneers to this great state throughout the ages is contagious, and if mountain passes, forest trails, and vast wilderness is what you’re searching for, you have found it!

Embarking into bear country where gold prospectors and homesteaders have gone before, you’re discovering the real Alaska. The experience is yours as you sight moose, bears, eagles and rustic small towns while traveling through the thick woodlands and wide rivers of the famous Kenai Peninsula, and then spot mountain sheep, goats, beluga whales, cascading waterfalls, and maybe even catch the bore tide as you journey the gorgeous Turnagain Arm. View a wide range of climates as you traverse through high alpine tundra with gorse-like foilage, mountain passes that always have snow at their peaks, temperate rainforests with amazing trees and greenery, and glacial rivers that are stunningly blue in color.

The unique thing about traveling Alaska is there’s very little difference between destinations and the space between destinations.

When it comes to Alaska and our sheer amount of countryside, in-state travel can be long and tedious if all you do is look at the road. Whether it’s a car trip, flightseeing, train ride, or even a hiking adventure, Alaskans never underestimate a journey and the importance of planning with flexibility and customization, utilizing as much insider’s knowledge as possible; This is the aim of all of our local driver-guides. To make the most of an adventure you need to look all around you, pull over, take it all in, find the side trails and discover the hidden gems. Make the experience your own.

Whether you’re fresh off the ship in Whittier or Seward or find yourself in Anchorage and want to explore the Southcentral region, that desire to explore with freedom is the same call of the wild that’s deeply embedded in Alaskan heritage and is one of the driving forces behind our culture. That adventurous spirit will always have a place here and an invitation from Wild Journeys.