Experience Alaska’s Wild Beauty With Unique Alaskan Expeditions

We offer custom, private journeys for adventure seekers


Experience Alaska’s Wild Beauty: Exclusive Private-Only Transportation

Welcome to Wild Journeys Alaska, where the untamed wilderness meets luxurious exclusivity. Our premier private transportation tours are meticulously designed for the most discerning adventurers, offering you an unparalleled Alaskan experience tailored to your every desire.

Unveil the Alaskan Wilderness: Your Private Expedition Awaits

At Wild Journeys Alaska, we understand that your journey is as unique as you are. That’s why we specialize in crafting custom wilderness adventures, immersing you in the heart of Alaska’s rugged grandeur while catering to your individual preferences.

Tailored Just for You: The Essence of Customization

Your adventure begins the moment you reach out to us. Our team of expert guides and travel planners will work closely with you to create a personalized itinerary that aligns perfectly with your interests, timeline, and desires. Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast, a photography buff, or simply seeking solitude in nature, we curate each moment to exceed your expectations.

Private Escapes in Unspoiled Landscapes

Alaska’s wonders are best appreciated away from the crowds. Our transportation is always exclusive and we can make almost any excursion completely free from the distractions of large groups. Come with us to witness the serene beauty of glaciers, fjords, and wildlife!

The Lap of Luxury in the Last Frontier

Comfort and opulence are non-negotiable. Our premium accommodations, private transportation, and gourmet dining options ensure that your journey is marked by luxury at every turn. Retreat to cozy lodges, savor gourmet cuisine and relax in style after each day’s adventure.

Expertise That Unlocks Alaska’s Secrets

Our local guides are not just experts in Alaskan geography; they are passionate storytellers, eager to share their knowledge and local insights. Whether you’re tracing the footsteps of bears around the Turnagain Arm or glacier movement in the Portage Valley you’ll gain a deep appreciation for Alaska’s rich culture and natural history.

Sustainability, Our Commitment to Alaska’s Future

At Wild Journeys Alaska, we are committed to preserving the very wilderness we explore. We follow sustainable tourism practices to minimize our environmental impact, ensuring that future generations can also savor the pristine beauty of Alaska.

Book Your Custom Alaskan Adventure Today

Elevate your Alaskan experience with Wild Journeys Alaska. Join us for a private, customized journey that redefines luxury in the Last Frontier.

Your exclusive adventure awaits – contact us today and embark on the Alaskan journey of a lifetime.

Experience Alaska’s Wild Beauty With Unique Alaskan Expeditions

We offer custom, private journeys for adventure seekers

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Guide for the Day


Unique Alaskan Experiences

Wild Journeys’ staff is a diverse team of year-round locals who have been guiding in Alaska throughout their professional careers.  Our passion is sharing authentic and unique Alaskan experiences with adventure seekers.  We introduce our quests to the real, wild grandeur of Alaska.

We are tourism professionals, outdoor operations specialists, hunting guides, school teachers, commercial fishermen, gold prospectors, contractors, photographers, Arctic carpenters, commercial drone pilots, land surveyors, and freelancers.

We treat all our guests as if they were our own family visiting Alaska; our guides will they take you to the very same places would take their own family and friends.

Our Founder, Tim Cook, has been guiding Alaskan adventures for over 20 years.  Tim is the founder and owner of Wild Journeys, Alaska ATV Adventures, and Arctic Air Expeditions.  His decades of experience working and living in rural Alaska inspired him to start a career in adventure tourism.  He began offering off-the-beaten-path options to visitors that his family and locals enjoy.  He is most well-known for his world-class polar bear photography tours in the Alaskan high arctic polar region.


Create Your Own Adventure

What’s on your Alaska bucket list? Imagine having your local Alaskan guide help you plan your journey, take you to the best places, and provide all the support and knowledge you need along the way. Wild Journeys will connect you with a great guide that will lead you every step of the way.

Stop dreaming and start living your Alaskan journey! Check out Guide for the Day to make your adventure completely unique to you. Combine several experiences into one incredible day or create an epic multi-day itinerary. Your options are endless and we’re here to help!


To begin your journey, call or email us today! We’d love to talk to you.

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